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Because of the world cup, your wallet is still the same?[ 07-11 10:09 ]
Don't let your wallet with you for the world cup crazy.
The mystery customer of HASSION wallet factory![ 07-11 10:05 ]
The customer's sudden arrival, only for too long search!
what shoulf to pay attention to in Christmas leather wallet purchase?[ 07-09 10:02 ]
Once a year the Western Christmas is coming, leather wallet buyers', are you ready? If you already have the detailed leather wallet procurement planning?
Want to buy a wallet? So easy![ 07-08 10:08 ]
Follow up HASSION wallet factory to choose the best suitable wallet for yourself.
Why the luxury bags price rise not fall in the face of the economic crisis ?[ 07-05 10:05 ]
The luxury market is a relatively mature market, the financial crisis did not affect the luxury industry
The development prospects of luggage and wallets Market![ 07-04 10:09 ]
The purse is not just a pack things, more is a sign of the times
How to As the clothing field a new color design, popularity in recent seasons color gradient effect has been growing Wallet?[ 07-03 10:05 ]
As the clothing field a new color design, popularity in recent seasons color gradient effect has been growing.
Print Wallet become the new favorites in the market in 2015[ 07-02 10:06 ]
printing wallets became the fashion items
Holiday promotion custom-made leather gift to help you grasp the opportunity[ 07-01 10:08 ]
Choose gift or promotion in holiday ,wallet gift is a good choice!
The advantage of HASSION wallet factory custom gift purse ![ 06-30 10:02 ]
Order wallet gift,choose HASSION wallet factory!
HASSION wallet factory teach you some tips for ordering wallet style[ 06-28 10:09 ]
the style of wallet orders is especially important for customers, so what should be pay attention in style collocation?
HASSION wallet factory teach you methods for testing metal hardware[ 06-27 10:08 ]
Custom wallet more and more popularinHASSION wallet factory ,but how to judge the quality of wallet LOGO?
HASSION classic leopard leather wallet struck again![ 06-26 10:07 ]
Leopard grain leather is the classic fabric, we have a look HASSION wallets together.
The returned wallet be stolened again ,What's wrong?[ 06-25 10:09 ]
Wallets are very important to any person, be careful not to be stolen
HASSION wallet factory excent morning meeting time show[ 06-24 10:08 ]
HASSION is rarely a meeting early wallet factory
Russian tourists to visit China, wallet was lost[ 06-23 10:02 ]
Not to pocket the money one has picked up,HASSION WALLET FACTORY also do.
HASSION WALLET FACYORY NEW WALLET--Anti scanning LEATHER Wallet[ 06-21 10:06 ]
The wallet was hacker,It is terrible!
Foreigners must to see the development of genuine leather wallet factory![ 06-20 10:02 ]
The perfect transformation, successful transformation, and hope that the company will become better and better
A good genuine leather wallet OEM factory in Guangzhou[ 06-19 10:04 ]
A wallet factory need to know how to keep busy in off-season
HASSION leather wallet factory technology training was held successfully![ 06-17 10:07 ]
 Over the past two months,because orders increased substantially,HASSION leather wallet factory recruit many new staff.In order to ensure quality, HASSION leather wallet facory held a technology training in past one month.     To participat...
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