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HASSION classic leopard leather wallet struck again!

Categories: HASSION newsRelease time: 2014-06-26 10:07:00
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 Leopard wallet is HASSION wallet factories has been selling products.And foreign customers order products are always .

2014 years,Leopard leather wallets struck again,to be a best seller again.Leopard, belongs to the natural lines,Gentle and simple, and does not lose the atmosphere,Countless stars are like the leopard, leopard print jacket, shoes, of course, have a leopard wallet so be it.
So, in 2014, the autumn and winter, HASSION not hesitate to leopard design to perfection.We look together, design elements of the HASSION leopard new wallet.


Because the autumn and winter, the wallet samples are made of dark tone.The classic black and white color, purple, brown, red, gray brown, Brown is the main color of the sample.These are now on the market is very popular and hot color.


From the style, HASSION wallet factory is rack one's brains.The reserve part of the classical style, have joined the popular new,HASSION wallet factory and old customers a look will know, this style all factories are carefully chosen.


Leopard large surface design this season, hit the color and splicing elements by bold factory,Is no longer monotonous leopard skins before, but the leopard and the mirror with design patent leather bag, let more style。And the collocation with the choice of fabric, but also have a style of one's own.To see the model of customer will find, the leopard skin are all double color effect, rather than a single tone, make more sense of hierarchy Wallet。
So much for the introduce,Please see below picture of leopard leather wallet pictures.
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