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Foreigners must to see the development of genuine leather wallet factory!

Categories: HASSION newsRelease time: 2014-06-20 10:02:00
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Wallet is the necessities of life for a lot of people.But many foreign customers do not know that many wallets in European marketare produced by HASSION wallet factory in guangzhou.

From  OEM, OEM and own brand and, more than 15 years, HASSION wallet factory is the best professional wallet factory in guangzhou.The wallets per month can be more the 100000PCS."wallet king" how to grow? The President of HASSION WALLET FACTORY Mr.ou  said, depends on continuous innovation, focus on industry, brand.
The general impression of the foundry is to do simple processing, no technical content. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Because, OEM is not original, but how to make the design concept to product, need technical support, process management and strong, not every enterprise can do.But HASSION WALLET FACTORY made it.
With more than 400 people R & D team, the annual sales of 5% for the development, design and production of match market demand products.Now HASSION WALLET FACTORY will design many new styles for every season.And the new styles will update their webside :www.hassion.com.
Wallet is a traditional industry, but it is a necessity of life, will never disappear. Therefore, we determined to focus on wallet belief.We found out the rules of development of the industry in, accumulated enough experience, come very naturally to create their own brand, realize the upgrading of products and industrial transformation through independent innovation.Now HASSION WALLET FACTORY have 2 brand,one is "HASSION" and the other is "Dr.koffer".these 2 brand are very famous in Europe.