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The advantage of HASSION wallet factory custom gift purse !

Categories: Leather goods informationRelease time: 2014-06-30 10:02:00
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 A lot of leather wallet factories can do wallet gift ,but few truly let customers recognized.Some large wallet factory cann't accept small piece order,which have some many big order,The QTY is small and the benifit is small,The large wallet factory won;t accept this order.the factory he is mainly to the domestic and foreign brands of OEM, OEM and custom is not the same, OEM is OEM processing, custom is customized, leather made words without what restrictions, the number may be less than, can meet the personalized needs of customers, design completed products help customers. Cheng Yuet leather factory, has more than professional designers, design of men's wallet can perfect expression of the essence of Yuecheng leather goods, and Yuecheng designers have been engaged in the leather design for up to 15 years, according to the requirements of customers customized products, personalized to meet customer demand. Our first attention to the original design, the second pay attention to quality, these two points is our lifeline, as long as the two point is done,everything will be OK.


A lot of leather gifts custom manufacturers do, but few truly let customers recognized. Large leather factory of him not to accept small orders, what advantage of HASSION WALLET FACTORY in custom designed leather gift purse ?

1, If you order men or women's wallet gift,you in Yuecheng t, all by HASSION wallet factory's  first-class professional designer team responsible for the design, fashionable and chic, have great originality, fashion taste, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

2, HASSION leather factory has strong production strength, ensure that your custom of leather wallet can finish the production.

3, HASSION accept small quantity leather  purse custom business, 100 minimum, also have the spot wholesale, big orders have more preferential.

4, HASSION custom designed Leather  wallet on time delivery, after sale services.

5, In HASSION wallet factory customization of  leather wallet, fast production, finished and semi-finished products, adequate supply.