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HASSION wallet factory excent morning meeting time show

Categories: HASSION newsRelease time: 2014-06-24 10:08:00
Source: Editor: Hassion Author: Hassion
In order to let employees a day spirit tremble, make efficiency,Every morning the first thing is the early meeting.This is a lot of small wallet factory are not doing things, but HASSION wallet factory always insist on.
Would you first say hello to each other in the morning,Contact colleagues before the feelings, take a day of work morale.Then the leaders of each department made a speech, mainly is to sum up the work content, the day before the day's work, distribution.So they know their work in the shortcomings and advantages, and know what to do, the what need to be done rush.
Although morning meeting only have about 10 mins,HASSION workers also have to lined up very neat.Of course, for their own work have any questions or need help other colleagues, early in the meeting can also put forward.The heads of various departments will try to answer and regulation.

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