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Why the luxury bags price rise not fall in the face of the economic crisis ?

Categories: HASSION newsRelease time: 2014-07-05 10:05:00
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 The luxury market is a relatively mature market, the financial crisis did not affect the luxury industry. In France, GUCCI, CHANEL has begun to increase, PRADA part of selling products also have different amplitude rose.

Subprime mortgage crisis triggered by the "USA economic storm" is the second thirty years of this century "Great Depression" has been the largest, most serious, development prospect is not optimistic America economy.
With the information technology, the diversification of product selection, and way of life, consumers are often not hesitate heavy gold in his very important aspect. For girls, beautiful fashion appearance let her confidence in the work and social life, make her feel not ill treat their precious youth. From another side, the market for luxury goods, not just the wealthy, but all the people.
"Prices for luxury, is a display their own value of the technique. The annual CHANEL often have 1-2 price. At least 5%, most had reached 12%, so the announced price range 20%, is relatively high." The personage inside course of study says.
Shanghai Henglong Plaza LV store clerk said: "even the LV classic second-hand, every year in the double up." In addition to the laws of the market and industry characteristics, price and consumer enthusiasm is not unrelated. "The economy is bad, want to dress more decently!" Such a slogan, has become the fashion consumption of white-collar workers on the background of new economy.