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what shoulf to pay attention to in Christmas leather wallet purchase?

Categories: HASSION newsRelease time: 2014-07-09 10:02:00
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 Once a year the Western Christmas is coming, leather wallet buyers', are you ready? If you already have the detailed leather wallet procurement planning?

December 25th each year, is the West Grand Christmas day, on this day, people will escort the gift, so businessmen, must seize this holiday opportunity, promote your sales.In the leather wallet purchase details, which require special attention? HASSION wallet factory one one revealed for you.

1、Purchase time

Leather Wallet purchase of time is very important, too early or too late will affect your sales. So long before purchasing Christmas is more appropriate? We can see, the general order confirmation time plus the wallet factory production time, and transportation time, plus the goods to the delivery and wallet shelves to promotion, needs at least 4-5 months.So, 4-5 before Christmas, you order need to purse processing factory, or if the production or transportation anomalies encountered, it will delay the delivery, then there will be relatively large loss


Leather Wallet style design and color is always affect important reason sales.
Here, mainly to say the color problem, each country like colors are not the same, but in the Christmas cover, recommendations or to purchase more festivity or monumental color will be better.As for the other styles and design issues, HASSION would not one one shows.


Personalization is a value point now people looking forward to more and more goods。As a gift, send out when people want to send a gift is special, the one and only.So, might as well spend more, according to their own preferences and national customs, design some characteristic styles, fabrics or collocation, to attract the attention of consumers。By the way, in the personalized design, HASSION wallet processing factory can have a lot of experience, if you choose the HASSION leather wallet factory as the processing of words, you do not have to worry about the design problem.