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HASSION wallet factory teach you methods for testing metal hardware

Categories: Leather goods informationRelease time: 2014-06-27 10:08:00
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 Custom wallet must be printed by enterprises or units or individual customer design of the logo, in order to highlight the personalization, Purse Gift logo printing is very important, method of printed wallet used the plant now has imprint or silk screen, each of the two methods has its advantages and disadvantages, we see a wallet you do.

"Reciprocity" was already be accustomed to things, even the link relationships. Not only is individual, the enterprise also is such, enterprise to buy gifts, will have its specific trade target, or the connection between promotion and customer; or to enhance the corporate image in the minds of users the impression; or to add to the marketing of products. Based on these goals, enterprises in the ordered gifts, will require customized gifts gift company in printing enterprise LOGO or advertising language. Production costs just LOGO will far below the value of the product itself, however, a beautifully crafted gifts, if the LOGO printing is also very delicate, so this will be for the product itself elegance.
HASSION wallet factory to determine whether LOGO printing quality pass, will to the test from the following aspects, you might as well try. First look at the LOGO shape deformation; LOGO color is accurate; the position and the size of LOGO is suitable; second LOGO printing will fade; LOGO printing whether burr etc.. Of course, according to the different purses gifts may have some differences, for HASSION wallet factory, are very important in every link of client gifts production, including the LOGO printing, in their eyes, only quality is fundamental to win the customer preference, only quality is Yuecheng leather indefectible secret!