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A good genuine leather wallet OEM factory in Guangzhou

Categories: Leather goods informationRelease time: 2014-06-19 10:04:00
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 I worked in HASSION leather wallet factory for 6 years.I found it is the leather industry in the off-season in July and August for every year.Although most of wallet factory did no order in the leather market ,but HASSION wallet factory still very busy now.In order to delivery the goods on time ,we have to overtime to 9:30PM every night.So now I will tell you why HASSION wallet factory is so busy but other wallet factory is free.



HASSION WALLET FACTORY'S  standard order MOQ is 200pcs per style per colour, but sometimes because the customer is a newhand in leather industry, if we can order the leather, 100 small single we can also help customers customized.


HASSION wallet factory have more than 400PCS outstanding employeed.Monthly production is expected to have 100000 Wallet.Single row our professional, and excellent management personnel,So our customers almost do not have to worry about the time delivery.


I worked in HASSION wallet factory for 6 years,I found he company always think quality is the most important.Each process have the quality inspection.Even to the last found defective products, we will re refuelling fill or shipment in consultation with the client.HASSION WALLET Factory operating for 16 years, a variety of quality prevention measures are relatively perfect, so the quality is not a question of customer concerns.


The price of HASSION wallet factory's wallet is very competitive.All leather products, fashion design and exquisite packaging,Shipment before long, the customer will return the order,I am very Happy that I often receive e-mail from my clients,they said this ticket goods are selling very fast, we should immediately to reorder.
So that's why HASSION WALLET FACYORY is busy in off-season.also it is the reason why I can work in this factory for 6 years ,and also explain the reason why our customer can cooperate with us more the 10 years!
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