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The mystery customer of HASSION wallet factory!

Categories: HASSION newsRelease time: 2014-07-11 10:05:00
Source: Editor: Hassion Author: Hassion

 A month ago, I received a call from the Guangdong Guangzhou, spoke a not very standard Mandarin, From the phone's chat. I know  the woman named Lena, who is a foreign trade company, she said she had a Russian customer want to order the men's and women's leather wallet, of course, Lena  get some of our company's basic information, but when I asked Lena how to find my contact, Lena simply said that a friend told her my telephone. So, we in the quotation stage, has not yet learned more information from customers.

Half a month ago, because customer need the quotation with pictures, Lena told me the Russian client mail, so I know the Russian customers called Natalia, originally thought to get customers to contact soon can clinch a deal, but get the opposite of what one wants, after the offer my mail letters sent in the past, customer information reply few seem to be, simply received, thank you so polite reply, so I got lost in the end what customers want,I've been thinking, because our wallet style does not fit the customer market, is not dominant our prices, or more is our language is not very understanding, or my reply is too frequent, so I fell into confusion.
Just yesterday, noon nap, Lena's phone rang again, she told me, the customer have come to China, wanted to come to our factory to visit our exhibition hall, have a look our samples.I would be glad to agreed, and arranged for the driver to meet customers to plant.
This is the first time we met, she told me, 7 years ago she had to know our brand --HASSION, and know our brand wallet in the market is very popular, but has not been able to contact with us, so he commissioned LENA to help find, finally found in the online contact us contact. I, because the Natalia English not too good, so the mail inside did not say too much,So I understand, the arrival of customers, solving the mystery.

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