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how much knowledge do you know about the wallet

Categories: Leather goods informationRelease time: 2014-02-18 16:07:00
Source: Editor: Hassion Author: Hassion
 The wallet is money and credit card monetary tools to gather together into a package inside, easy to carry and use. This package called the purse, usually a palm size.
      At present the purse besides above the role could also be or carry accessories when using the family photo folder. Purse, bag containing money, is the most important in our daily life. What wallet is suitable for their own identity, and reflect their own personality. Appropriate wallet design can reflect your fashion index. Bright color, good texture. There is recent hot super large wallet.          Wallet according to their styles can be divided into long wallet, short wallet. In Long Wallet with the rectangle shape to grow perceptibly, longer length. If things more and the bag bag of words, to choose long in the bag is appropriate. Short bag, grows in the bag also more atmosphere. Brief paragraph purse length and width is short, usually near the square, if often will pocket money packaging, with short wallet is appropriate.
      The wallet according to the gender can be divided into men's wallets and women's purses.Also some style can be used by men or women.But now electronic purse are now increasingly popular.
      So much for this short introduce about the wallet and purse ,HASSION WALLET wish can help you teach you something !
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