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Two jokes about wallet

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 Good thief

A diplomat is heard as early as the thief is fierce, Once again to go shopping , his put a empty wallet in his pocket.
I this empty Wallet have a little note, write a line of small print in the top : "who steal the purse is a pig!"
He wants to, it can make the thief a tease. Turn a lap in the street, he is careful to, did not find the thief patronage, very disappointed, thought: "what steal technology wise, just enjoy undeserved fame."
Back home, he took out his empty wallet, took the note to tear, but found that the original word has been altered into: "Uncle stole pig wallet today!"
Forget to bring my wallet
Wieck town very disordered recently, so a lot of people don't take along  their wallet. Jack was be catched  by a man with a knife when he go to work on Wednesday
"Take out of you purse, or kill you."
Jack said proudly: "I didn't take, do not believe you can search."
The man turned over the body, very disappointed to go, suddenly a child holding a wallet ran and shout: "Dad, you forgot your purse!"