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Because of the world cup, your wallet is still the same?[ 07-11 10:09 ]
Don't let your wallet with you for the world cup crazy.
The mystery customer of HASSION wallet factory![ 07-11 10:05 ]
The customer's sudden arrival, only for too long search!
what shoulf to pay attention to in Christmas leather wallet purchase?[ 07-09 10:02 ]
Once a year the Western Christmas is coming, leather wallet buyers', are you ready? If you already have the detailed leather wallet procurement planning?
Want to buy a wallet? So easy![ 07-08 10:08 ]
Follow up HASSION wallet factory to choose the best suitable wallet for yourself.
Why the luxury bags price rise not fall in the face of the economic crisis ?[ 07-05 10:05 ]
The luxury market is a relatively mature market, the financial crisis did not affect the luxury industry
The development prospects of luggage and wallets Market![ 07-04 10:09 ]
The purse is not just a pack things, more is a sign of the times
How to As the clothing field a new color design, popularity in recent seasons color gradient effect has been growing Wallet?[ 07-03 10:05 ]
As the clothing field a new color design, popularity in recent seasons color gradient effect has been growing.
Print Wallet become the new favorites in the market in 2015[ 07-02 10:06 ]
printing wallets became the fashion items
HASSION classic leopard leather wallet struck again![ 06-26 10:07 ]
Leopard grain leather is the classic fabric, we have a look HASSION wallets together.
HASSION wallet factory excent morning meeting time show[ 06-24 10:08 ]
HASSION is rarely a meeting early wallet factory
Russian tourists to visit China, wallet was lost[ 06-23 10:02 ]
Not to pocket the money one has picked up,HASSION WALLET FACTORY also do.
HASSION WALLET FACYORY NEW WALLET--Anti scanning LEATHER Wallet[ 06-21 10:06 ]
The wallet was hacker,It is terrible!
Foreigners must to see the development of genuine leather wallet factory![ 06-20 10:02 ]
The perfect transformation, successful transformation, and hope that the company will become better and better
HASSION leather wallet factory technology training was held successfully![ 06-17 10:07 ]
 Over the past two months,because orders increased substantially,HASSION leather wallet factory recruit many new staff.In order to ensure quality, HASSION leather wallet facory held a technology training in past one month.     To participat...
Do you know the reason why the wallet factory give a low quotation?[ 06-16 10:05 ]
A lot of purse factory have random quote problem, let us look at what is the reason!
"China leather capital" review is success![ 06-14 10:04 ]
Huadu Shiling Town was awarded the "Chinese leather capital" honorary title in 2002, 2014, once again usher in the second review.
Guangxi seized 65 tickets worth about 120000 yuan crocodile leather products[ 06-13 10:00 ]
Wild animal should be protected animal, don't take the wild animal skin pack
The culture of Korea wallet which you don't know![ 06-12 10:01 ]
the woman is no boundaries for the wallet pursuit.
Leather wallet factory need to change management mode to ride out the storm[ 06-11 10:09 ]
Leather wallet factory management has become more and more difficult now,How to survive in the face of adversity?
Let your wallets said "fashion cannot be copied"[ 06-10 10:04 ]
America "fashion can not be imitated" activities have been held for second years.
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