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Guangxi seized 65 tickets worth about 120000 yuan crocodile leather products

Categories: HASSION newsRelease time: 2014-06-13 10:00:00
Source: Editor: Hassion Author: Hassion

 The evening of May 6th, the Guangxi Chongzuo border detachment Pingxiang border inspection station officers and soldiers from a sleeper bus seized 65 crocodile leather products, the estimated market value of about 120000 yuan.

Night 19 PM, the station officers and soldiers on a Pingxiang bound for Shenzhen sleeper bus routine inspection, found the car trunk smells, officers and soldiers is called the passengers one by one to claim their baggage, including 2 cartons unclaimed, officers and soldiers after questioning the passenger car drivers know, this box is others check, carton items are "shoes". Officers and soldiers feel strange, hence box carefully check, found that its contents are not shoes, but the crocodile skin products.
The soldiers on the inventory, the 2 boxes with a total of 65 pieces of crocodile leather products, respectively is 13, 5 black brown, brown 45, blue 2, each 1.2 meters long, the whole skin pattern clear grain surface.
It is reported, the crocodile is an endangered species, due to the international market demand, the crocodile in recent years, carrying illegal smuggling of its products into or out of the phenomenon is serious. In China, all alien crocodile species were approved for Chinese national level, two level of protection of wild animal, and also 23 crocodiles to exist in the world and its products, listed as rare animal Chinese prohibit the import and export of its products.