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Do you know the reason why the wallet factory give a low quotation?

Categories: HASSION newsRelease time: 2014-06-16 10:05:00
Source: Editor: Hassion Author: Hassion

 I think a lot of purse factory sales staff will often encounter this problem:In the face of the customer enquiry, quotation, often get the answer is: your unit price is too high.Let's check why other wallet fatcory's price is low than ours.


There is also a product price difference is such big, there is no good or bad.? Here I give you some disclose insider low-priced leather industry, but also hope that more wallet companies can understand, but also conducive to the healthy development of leather wallet industry.


1, low price. 

Many wallet manufacturers see in the time of quotation picture will offer a low price to attract customers, when proofing official offer will report the actual price. Because the most accurate price is in the proofing can be determined, then in numerous customers inquiries, you are most like impression on him, will give priority to its cooperation.

2, shoddy. 

One is to replace the leather to make leather; two is the broken skin to make; the three is to do with leather grade difference, such as 12 yuan a foot scalp for 9 yuan a foot or two scalp, scalp skin substitutes to do, because the scalp at 7-8 yuan, also have ten yuan even a few yuan leather.

3, work.

Workmanship rough, not up to standard, delivery.

4, the situation by force.

Many small wallet processing plants in the absence of a stable source of cases, in order to feed the workers do, at a loss. Some people will say, do business at a loss, there is such a idiot? There are two reasons, one is to meet customers, establishes the cooperation relations, two is the single may lose a one, don't do a single workers do not live, lose more.


To sum up, I suggest some wallet factories that we should not only take into account the price. In fact, the pursuit of low prices is not a good product, we have to do is to offer each customer is responsible for, is also responsible for their own enterprise development, only in this way enterprises can be more stable!