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How to see a man's character from his wallet

Categories: Leather goods informationRelease time: 2014-02-24 10:02:00
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 Man's wallet is definitely something worth pondering. After all, men's wallet to some extent reflects the inherent character of boys to. In general, men's wallet has many kinds, classification from the style is short, long, classification from the material, there are leather, canvas, synthetic material.

1. First of all, in modern society,the character of the men no wallet is careless, be careless about one's dress. This kind of men to carry money, credit cards, business cards, put them in a bag, and even into his pocket. We often see some men in the store checkout, some pocket money, results can be found in every pocket money, credit cards, small pieces of paper and messy. This kind of man in the process will not hide what, but also gives us life the feeling of clutter.
2. Choose a long section of the wallet for men is a life, social comparison of active men. Choose the long wallet men have a reason, may be didn't like money folded, to come up with a long section of the man purse money is smooth. This kind of man is a taste, and girls will choose more exotic places, is a person who enjoys life.
3. Choose a short paragraph wallet boy introverted, for a stranger would have the sense of distance, the boys in the communication process, the initiative will be less. They took the money, credit cards are in your wallet, and then put the wallet in a pocket or carry on bag, just seeing how much is generally not the disclosure of its own money, unless you have intercourse deeper.
4.Choose leather wallet men mature, steady. Believe that man purse, leather wallet or most men preferred, such men mature, hale and hearty.
5.Choose the Canvas Wallet lively, cheerful man. Such a man is a big boy, my heart is often difficult to hide a secret. Like communication, temperament. But if his girlfriend, you need to be able to adapt his way of life, if the quarrel between you, maybe he'll let you lie to him.
6.The pursuit of man purse what brand is good is the two rich generation or vanity strong person. This kind of men is not let myself ordinariness, more critical of life, their pursuit of love too gorgeous, noble life. The specific requirements are relatively high, like let people envied him. A female friend, if this kind of man is very positive for you, you should consider he is like your appearance, background, status, or is your.
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