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How to identify genuine leather wallet?

Categories: HASSION newsRelease time: 2013-09-28 13:56:00
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1. leather surface: natural leather surface has its own special natural pattern, natural leather surface gloss, hand press or pinch the leather surface, the leather surface with no dead or dead fold wrinkles, no cracks; while the leather surface like leather natural leather, but a closer look at patterns unnatural sheen than natural leather bright, vivid colors, mostly.

2. leather body: natural leather, especially garment leather, soft and ductile, and imitation leather goods although very soft, but the lack of toughness, when the weather is cold leather body stiff. When the hand when the body twists leather, natural leather curved back to nature, good elasticity, and imitation leather goods back to the song sport stiff, poor flexibility.

3. incision: The incision natural leather color, clearly visible and fine fibers. The imitation leather products, natural leather fiber incision sense, or visible at the bottom of the fiber and resin, or from the incision to see the end of cloth with resin glue two layers.

4. leather inside: Natural leather front with smooth pores and patterns. Leather fibers opposite a clear, was stuffed and uniform shape. The imitation leather products in the same part of the synthesis Gezheng opposite, where the outside gloss are good, very smooth; sides are not the same and some leather, leather can be seen clearly in the base fabric; but some are imitation leather, leather surface like natural leather, leather where there are like natural leather hair, it is necessary to carefully observe the difference between true and false varieties.